Which Character from ‘Once Removed’ are You? A Personality Quiz

Andrew Unger’s ‘Once Removed’ takes us into the world of Edenfeld, Manitoba, a small Mennonite town bulldozing its way to modernity. In Edenfeld you’ll meet ghostwriter Timothy Heppner and his activist wife Katie Brandt-Heppner, Mayor BLT Wiens, revered butter tart maker Mrs. Friesen, City Sheila, controversial local novelist Elsie Dyck, Brenda from Loans and a host of other characters. But the question is: which ‘Once Removed’ character are you? Try this quiz to find out!


Which of these books would you prefer to read?

What are you hungry for right now?

When faced with conflict, I usually _____________.

Which of the following people would you like to have pinned up in the locker in high school?

When I see an old run-down building I ___________________.

What did you wear for your baptism?

Where would you prefer to live?

You're about to get married, when you discover your fiance is related. What do you do?

What is your opinion of shopping malls?

Of the following classic movie characters, to whom do you most closely relate?

Which Character from 'Once Removed' Are You?
Brenda from Loans
Brenda works in the loans department at the Edenfeld Credit Union, but has to keep her tattoos of Mennonite martyrs covered while at work because the ECU says it's "unprofessional." She has a thing for Randall Hiebert.
Katie Brandt-Heppner
Katie is married to Timothy and is working on her Master's degree in philosophy. She's a rebel, distributing subversive pamphlets around town and has a more sophisticated vocabulary than anyone else in town.
Randall Hiebert
Randall would love nothing more than to get the heck out of Edenfeld. The problem is he's got a thriving ghostwriting business and a whole heck of a lot of beer making equipment in his garage.
Timothy Heppner
Timothy, the novel's protagonist, works for Edenfeld's "Park and Wreck" department demolishing historic buildings so the mayor can make space for a megamart. He's also trying to make it as a ghostwriter but, for some reason, his clients are leaving in droves.
BLT Wiens
BLT Wiens is Edenfeld's "progressive" mayor. He doesn't have much use for history or preservation and would like nothing more than to see a massive big box store on Edenfeld's Main Street.
Mrs. Friesen
Mrs. Friesen is a member of the Edenfeld Preservation Society. She always seems to know what's going on around town, offers sage advice, and can cook a pretty mean butter tart.
Elsie Dyck
Elsie Dyck is Edenfeld's most famous writer. She left town decades ago and no one has seen her since. She is revered by some and vilified by others in Edenfeld.
City Sheila
City Sheila is an Englisher in a Mennonite town. She came to Edenfeld a few years ago and, despite not understanding all the quirks of the place, still feels connected to the town in ways the locals may never understand.

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