“When Will I Get the Vaccine?” A Calculator for Mennonites

Today we’re going to answer the question that every Mennonite’s been asking: “Oba, just when will I get the vaccine yet?” After answering just five questions, this handy calculator will help you figure out how high up the priority list you are!


How old are you?

What area of the country do you live in?

What pre-existing conditions do you have?

What is your job in church?

Do you work from home?

"When Will I Get the Vaccine?" A Calculator for Mennonites
Oba, not for a while yet
You rank 1,845,617 out of 2 million Mennonites.
Soon and very soon
You rank 712 out of 2,000,000 Mennonites.
Right after the church elders have all had their shots
You rank 32,016 out of 2 million Mennonites.
Good luck. The new hymnals will probably be out by the time you get your shot.
You rank 1,993,511 out of 2 million Mennonites.
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