What’s Your Denomination?

There are quite a few theological quizzes out there, but most of them leave various types of Mennonites off the list. This quiz will give you a good sense of where you’re at. Who knows, maybe you’ve been attending the wrong church all along?


The Bible is _______________.

Violence is _________________.

Jesus is _________________.

The Protestant Reformation was _______________.

Drinking and dancing are _______________.

The greatest problem in our contemporary society is _______________.

If I could live anywhere in the world I would choose ______________.

Women should _________________.

Worship in church should be ____________.

Material possessions are ______________.

Of the following people, the one I respect most is _____________.

To Which Christian Denomination Do You Belong?
Conservative Mennonite
You are Anabaptist in theology with conservative social values.
Liberal Mennonite
You are Anabaptist in theology with liberal social values.
Marginal Mennonite
You have some connection to Mennonite theology, but are also a free-thinker and don't really like to conform.
Roman Catholic
You align yourself with the Roman Catholic Church.
You appreciate the teachings of John Calvin and hold to somewhat conservative social values.
Mainline Protestant
You are fairly liberal in terms of social values, but may hold some conservative theological positions. Examples: Anglican, Lutheran, etc.
Evangelical Protestant
You are conservative both theologically and in terms of social values...although you may appreciate a good light show or drum solo during the worship service.
You believe in conservative theology and communal living.

(photo credit: Yuki Sasaki/CC)

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