Mennonite Sunday School Kids to Open for Barack Obama


The annual Bible memorization competition will take a larger stage this year after former President Barack Obama invited the little tykes to be the opening act for his performance tonight in Winnipeg.

“I’m really hoping Billy can get through 1 Corinthians 13 without flubbing,” said Mrs. Penner. “He’s really been working hard at it.”

After the children say their verses, Bethany Loewen of North Kildonan will plunk away on a few tunes she just learned on the piano.

“The crowd’s gonna love it,” said Mrs. Loewen. “She can play Hot Cross Buns like no one’s business.”

The kids are scheduled to perform for about an hour before Barack Obama takes the stage and explains to Winnipeggers all the things that are wrong with the world since he left office. Grandparents of the Mennonite kids are invited to attend…if they can afford the $500 tickets.

(photo credit: Daniel Borman/CC)

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