Porch Swing Launches Mennonite Grandma into Neighbour’s Yard


Mrs. Penner was sent flying into the Goosen’s yard last night after an overly vigorous session on the porch swing.

“Oba, I was out tending the BBQ and I looked up and what did I? Mrs. Penner hurling through the air into my back yard,” explained Mr. Goosen. “It wasn’t all bad. Once she brushed herself off, I invited her to stay for dinner.”

Mrs. Penner says she was sick and tired of just gently swaying on her porch swing and decided to really give it her all this time.

“There’s a lot of momentum with a woman of my size,” said Mrs. Penner. “They should warn people about these things.”

Mrs. Penner says she won’t tell her grandchildren about the incident lest they get any ideas.

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