Conservative Mennonite Group Vows to Preserve Old Tim Hortons Lids


When Tim Hortons recently introduced a newly redesigned coffee lid, millions of Canadians were overjoyed. Not so, for the Mennonites of Woolwich Township, however. The new coffee lids were seen as a threat to their way of life, and so members of the Woolwich Old Order Meetinghouse have made it their life’s mission to preserve the old leaky lids.

“Leaky lids are part of our culture,” said Mrs. Eby. “If the old men aren’t spilling coffee all over themselves every morning, I don’t know what I would do with myself all day.”

Mrs. Eby and seven other members of her congregation have recreated the old lids in the barn around back and will be testing them out this winter.

“We can always make them leakier if need be,” said Mrs. Eby. “If the men still aren’t spilling enough, I guess we’ll just have to remove the springs on the buggies.”

Mrs. Eby is already selling her new old lids at the St. Jacobs market and early reports indicated that sales have been brisk.

“A lot of Englishers are buying them, too,” said Mrs. Eby. “It seems they like to do laundry as much as we do.”

(photo credit: Jeff M for Short/CC)

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