NBC Gives New ‘Friends’ Reboot a Mennonite Twist


Executives at NBC have announced the hotly-anticipated reboot of the hit 90s sitcom ‘Friends’. The new show, which features an all new cast from the Paraguayan Chaco, is called ‘Frintschoft’ and has already garnered considerable buzz.

“The title change made sense because with Mannanites, your frintschoft are your friends,” explained new executive producer Pieta Kehler. “Growing up I played with my cousins and second-cousins and third cousins. I really didn’t know anyone else but the Kehlers.”

The new show takes places in a hip yerba mate cafe in New York City. Plots revolve around the romantic escapades of the Kehler cousins, who all happen to be the best of friends.

“There’s romantic tension for sure yet,” said Pieta. “When you get Ruth and Heinrich alone they tend to forget they’re first cousins once removed.”

The new show is expected to attract a large audience, especially with millennials who recently discovered the original show on Netflix.

“I’m like super pumped for this new show ‘Frintschoft,'” said mega-fan Lynnette. “I really like the guy Johann in suspenders and rubber boots. He’s so dreamy!”

‘Frintschoft’ airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm, right after another new show called ‘Everybody Loves Raymond Sawatzky’.

(cast photo credit: Sarah Smithers/CC)

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