What is Your Mennonite Personality Type?

Are you the preacher, the rebel Menno, the shekjbenjel or some other kind of Menno? Find our your true Mennonite identity with this completely scientifically-valid personality quiz.


During faspa Mrs. Friesen informs you that the church has run out of Bothwell cheese curds. What do you do?

You discover your older brother's secret stash of records. Which one do you listen to first?

What is your political leaning?

The sermon goes on a lot longer than normal. How do you react?

All your friends are going chicken catching to earn a bit more money. You _______________.

You find the key to your Taunte Lina's liquor cabinet. What do you drink?

You discover the person you've been dating for six months is actually your second cousin. What do you do?

When is the best time to shop at the MCC store?

Who do you respect and admire most?

You're at a barn loft party, when your cousin asks you to go behind the barn. What do you do?

What is Your Mennonite Personality Type?
The Preacher

You are a natural leader. You are can get people to do whatever you want them to do, either through persuasion or, if necessary, discipline. You are an eloquent speaker, but tend to love the sound of your own voice a little too much.
The Rebel Menno

You have some connection to the Mennonite faith, but it might only be a surname or a love for sausage. You tend to pave your own path and don't really care what the church or your family might think.
The Shekjbenjel

Although you tend to take a backseat to others, you are multi-talented. Your skills are often unrecognized and unappreciated, but you are an essential part of the Mennonite community, the glue that holds it all together.
The Farmhand

You'd much prefer to work outside and with your hands than in an office somewhere. You're a practical person who's not afraid of a little hard work. You like animals, both working with them and eating them.
The Conscientious Objector

You have strong principles and are not afraid to voice your opinion even if it runs contrary to the rest of society. You are peace-loving and try to seek ways to solve conflicts without violence.
The Quilting Oma

You are a wise and respected leader of your family. You share your love and quilts with all those around you, but wish your family would visit you more often. Your baking is second to none, except perhaps that Mrs. Loewen across the hall.


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