Grandma Reimer Super Excited that Her “Very Favorite Rapper” is Running for President


Mrs. Reimer has been a rap fan since the early days and cites everyone from Mike D to KRS-One and from Chance the Rapper to Lil’ Kim as her favourites. But it is Kanye West who tops her list, so she was beyond excited to hear she could mark her X for him this fall.

“If Kendrick was running, he might give Kanye a run for his money, but given the options, I’m definitely voting for Mr. West,” said Grandma Reimer, 83, from the manor in Hillsboro. “Ever since I heard ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ back when I was young, I’ve been a huge fan!”

Grandma Reimer held a meeting at the common room in the Hillsboro manor to get all her friends to register to vote for Kim Kardashian’s husband.

“Mr. Penner was hard to convince. He said he gave up listening to rap after the last Boogie Down Productions album in the early 90s,” explained Grandma Reimer, “but I was able to win him over when I played him ‘Closed on Sunday’. He was all on board after that.”

The seniors of Hillsboro are polling strongly for Ye, who now has more than 80% of the elderly Mennonite vote in the region.

“With numbers like that I’m sure it won’t be long before Joe Biden comes in here and tells us we can’t possibly be good proper Mennonites unless we vote for him,” said Grandma Reimer. “I’m sick of that nonsense. Yeezy for President!”

Grandma Reimer is doing everything to get the message out there, including writing #2020Vision in icing on all her cookies at the bake sale this week.

(photo credit: Jason Persse/CC)

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