Former Manitobans Now Outnumber Albertans in Alberta


A new report from the government of Alberta indicates that former Manitobans are the largest identifiable group in the province.

“There are more ex-pat Manitobans than Alberta-born Albertans,” said premier Jason Kenney. “We’re overrun with Manitobans around here. Ugh, and they’re all Jets fans, too.”

The issue came to ahead last week when the arena in Calgary was filled to the brim with people in blue and white jerseys.

“Let’s face it, everyone in Alberta is actually from some place else,” said Kenney. “I just wish so many weren’t coming from Winnipeg.”

Ex-Manitobans recently surpassed Ex-Newfoundlanders and tourists from Australia who’ve overstayed their visas as the most populous group in the province.

“There’s only a couple good things about having so many Manitobans out here,” said Kenney. “They know how to drive on winter roads and they’re accustomed to paying a provincial sales tax.”

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