Generous Mennonite Family Treats Dad to an Order of Mozza Sticks


The generous Weaver family of Waterloo treated their beloved Dad to a delicious order of Applebee’s mozza sticks and marinara sauce this Sunday.

“These mozza sticks represent all that you mean to us, Dad,” said daughter Emily, 14. “Thanks for everything!”

Dad was really excited when the mozza sticks arrived and was even left with one or two to enjoy himself after the kids got ahold of the basket.

“You know, once it a while, it’s important to show Dad how much we love him,” explained Emily, offering her father a half eaten mozza stick. “I’ve even left him a little marinara.”

Dad was also treated to a bottomless Diet Pepsi.

“And the best thing about it all,” said Emily, “was the fact that Dad paid for everything!”

(photo credit: Mike Mozart/CC)

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