Can We Guess Your Age? (For Mennonites)

You can’t really hide it. Those Botox injections are not fooling anyone. I have no idea how accurate this will be, but we’ve compiled some questions for Mennos that should be able to determine approximately how old you are. I figure if we’re plus or minus 5 years we’ve done pretty good, but let’s see!


Select your favourite musical artist from the list below:

Select your favourite food item:

Where would you like to go on vacation?

What is your view on 'safe spaces'?

How good is your Plautdietsch (or Pennsylvania Dutch if you're Swiss Menno)?

How often do you wear a dress (for women) or suspenders (for men)?

Hymns or contemporary praise songs?

Who is the better leader?

Select your preferred beverage:

What church do you go to?

Can We Guess Your Age? (For Mennonites)
Your Age: 21
You're probably an EMU or CMU or SBC student right?
Your Age: 33
Your kids are finally in bed so you've got time to do quizzes like this.
Your Age: 45
If figure if we get within 5 years here or there we did pretty good. So, how did we do?
Your Age: 62
Time to start thinking about retirement. I hear Victoria's nice.
Your Age: 76
You're a respected elder in your community...or a young person with an old soul.
Your Age: 7 really should get your parent's permission before using the computer.

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