Adorable Nieces and Nephews Spread Love and Influenza


Uncle Dave’s immune system was put to the test yet again this weekend as he rough-housed, read stories, and had tea parties with his adorable nieces and nephews.

“I love those kids,” said Dave, a grad student at Regent College. “But every time I’m around them I seem to come away with a horrible virus of some kind.”

After a year in which he suffered through five really bad colds and two nasty cases of pink eye, Dave finally decided to make sure his vaccinations were up to date and even plans to get his flu shot later this month.

“I always thought ‘Hey, I’m young and healthy. Nothing can stop me,'” said Dave. “Boy, was I wrong. A three-year-old with a runny nose can take down anyone.”

Dave is considering distributing flu masks at the next Giesbrecht get-together.

“In the end, though, it’s all worth it,” said Dave. “Those kids are a lot of fun. But, it’s family gathering season, folks, so be careful out there!”

(photo credit: by William Brawley/CC)

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