Satire Literally Writes Itself in Steinbach


Residents of the big city of Winnipeg have always been baffled by the peculiarities of neighbouring Mennonite community Steinbach. In fact, Steinbach has become such a treasure-trove of satire, that writers don’t really have to do anything at all…not even write.

“I know our names are on the ‘About’ page,” said one Daily Bonnet writer, “but, in reality, we do absolutely nothing. We used to try to come up with amusing fictional news, but found that to be completely unnecessary, as the satire just appears on its own every morning. Even real Winnipeg Free Press news items about Steinbach have Winnipegers in stitches.”

To outsiders, like people from Winnipeg who refuse to venture beyond the perimeter of the city, Steinbach seems like a strange exotic land of quaint 1950s values. Winnipegers find everything that goes on in Steinbach so hysterical that satire site, The Daily Bonnet, no longer requires writers and editors and runs completely on its own without any human intervention.

In fact, the satire flows so freely from Steinbach, that scientists have recently declared The Daily Bonnet the world’s first ever perpetual-motion machine.

“Steinbach satire is truly a miracle of science,” declared professor Autumn Maloney. “I encourage everyone to come to southern Manitoba to witness this phenomenon for themselves.”

The city is reportedly considering changing its motto to: “Steinbach: Here to Amuse You Since 1874.”

(Photo credit: by zoetnet/cc)

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