Pictures of Really Hot Mennonites!

If you’ve been looking for hot pics of Mennonites, well search no more! Here at the Daily Bonnet we’ve compiled the Internet’s best collection of hot Mennonite pics for your enjoyment! Only the very hottest of Mennonites made the cut.


When it’s hot in the Chaco or central Saskatchewan, Mennonites like to wear a nice wide-brimmed straw hat to stay out of the Sun.


This Mennonite lady is so hot she covered her head…and she’s not even in church!


One common way for Mennonites to beat the heat is consuming copious amounts of watermelon.


Ploughing is hard sweaty work, especially in a scorching Indiana summer.


This time of year it’s really easy to spot a Mennonite, as they’re never seen without a Ravel ice cream bar.

(photo credits: marco monettisimon blackley, muffinn, francis bijl, anthony j/CC/modified)