National Media Inexplicably Absent from Portage Pride Parade


Just over a month after bringing unprecedented national attention to Steinbach’s first ever Pride parade, major Canadian media outlets apparently have much better things to do than show up at Portage la Prairie’s inaugural event. Portage and Steinbach are similar in size and although the Portage mayor will attend, the local MP, MLA, and other prominent local politicians are skipping out because of “prior commitments.” While Steinbach politicians were burned at the proverbial stake for missing their parade, the Portage event has not brought nearly the same attention to the town or its elected officials.

“We’re finished with small town Pride events,” said Toronto news anchor Samantha Foster. “When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Been there, done that.”

Unlike Provencher MP Ted Falk who was lambasted for attending Frog Follies on the day of the Steinbach parade, MP Candice Bergen of Portage-Lisgar, has not faced the same level of scrutiny.

“We got a lot of play out of that Ted Falk thing,” said Foster. “But, quite frankly, we really don’t care whether politicians attend these things or not. We’re so busy covering important news like the fact the Prime Minister, like everyone else in Canada, takes his shirt off when it’s hot, that we just don’t have time for Pride Parades anymore. So, go ahead and enjoy the weekend, Candice. We won’t bother you. I hear there’s a really cool Corn and Apple Festival going on in Morden.”

Responding to allegations that the media coverage of the two events may have been a little inconsistent, Foster just scoffed.

“If you’re under the impression that the media is interested in actual journalism, rather than just social media buzz and clickbait, I’m afraid you’re greatly mistaken,” explained Foster. “It’s quite simple: Steinbach sells. Always has, always will.”

(Photo credit: by GoToVan/CC)

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