Mennonite Man to Challenge Winner of Mayweather-McGregor Fight


For the first time in modern history, a pacifist man will compete for a boxing title using entirely non-violent methods. Peter Klassen of Hillsboro, Kansas is awaiting the victor of the Mayweather-McGregor fight this evening and will challenge the winner to a bout in Wichita later this winter.

“I feel prepared to take on either one of them. I’m going to use all the techniques I learned during my Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training,” said Klassen. “I’ve really been working on my disengagement strategies lately. I can verbally defuse a situation like no one else.”

Klassen showcased his nonviolent deescalation methods at a public workout this morning.

“The first steps are to assess risk levels and manage your own anxiety,” said Klassen. “It’s also super important to have a full debriefing and to properly document after each incident.”

Klassen is confident he has the skills and experience necessary to handle either athlete, but says he will resort to alternate methods if the need arises.

“I’m not just a one-trick-pony. One of the key components of my nonviolent boxing method is the willingness and ability to adapt to changing situations,” said Klassen. “If I’m not able to successfully placate my opponent with the caring and kind tone of my voice, then I’ll defeat him like many of my ancestors did by running away.”

Klassen also says he has been cutting back on sausage consumption in order to get down to the right weight class.

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