Check Out These Wacky Mennonite Dishes Inspired by the Daily Bonnet

Back in February, the Daily Bonnet posted an article entitled ‘Ten Epic Mennonite Dishes We Wish Were Real‘. We never imagined that these dishes could or would actually be created.

Well, a few creative Daily Bonnet readers, Timothy Wenger, Stephanie Wenger, Simon Hamm and Emma Hamm, decided to try to actually to make some of these far-fetched dishes.

Here are the results:

Picture 1: making kimchi vereneki

Picture 2: Mennonite Double Down

Pictures 3-8: Mennonite Double Down, Kimchi Vereneki, and Farmer Sausage Tacos:

Timothy Wenger: “Tacos are great as is. Kimchi Verenki are good, needed a sauce, probably schmaunt fat. Mennonite Double Down were incredibly heavy (as a Double Down should be). We used cheddar, and gouda or swiss were suggested for next time. We also part way through pulled out some Fruit Relish (a traditional Ontario Mennonite Fruit Chutney), and that cut through the grease and balanced the double down.”

Pictures 9 and 10: Mennonite Turducken

Timothy Wenger: “This is the Klopse recipe we used- Mennonite Girls Can Cook. We baked it in the broth and poured the gravy over top. It worked well, worked as a meat dish alongside starches (kielke and schmaunt fat, and scalloped potatoes) and a salad.”

I must say, this is truly amazing! The group plans to continue to make the rest of the items on the list.