New CBC Show ‘Pure’ Gets An Enthusiastic ‘Oh ba yo’ From Knels and Annie Krahn


Da Annie and me don’t normally vatch da talavision, but I got da rabbit ears vorking once for sure ven I heard about a new show about da Mannanites yet. I tell to my Annie, “They’ve got one now about da Mannanites,” but she didn’t believe me.

Oba, Knels,” she said, “You’re such a schwaä! It doesn’t give such.”

We had to stay up vay past our badtime yat, but there is vas, Mannanites on da TV.

Oba, Annie. You see. It does give such!”

On da program they had even some Funks and Epps. It made us feel vary spashel since my Annie’s mudder was an Epp. There was also a menshun of a Janzen who had frintschoft in Cuauhtémoc. I was yust a little disappointed that no Krahns or Giesbrechts were on there at all.

After a while I turned to my Annie and I say, “Waut de schissjat, Annie? Is dis show about da drugs?”

, it can’t be, Knels,” she said.

But it vas about da drugs. “No good,” I said. “Dat Epp is yust no good.”

Oba, Knels. Vee should turn this off!” But we didn’t know how to verk da remote so vee kept vatching and vatching and Annie kept knitting and knitting and den it was yust over and we hit da hay.

(photo credit: Jan Tik/CC)