American News Channel Pulled Off the Air After Broadcasting Footage of Foreigners


Panic erupted at CNN headquarters and throughout the nation this week after the network accidentally aired a clip of something happening in another country. The clip of some non-Americans in a non-American country doing non-American-newsworthy things was broadcast for more than a minute before network producers pulled it off the air.

“Ah, what filth! Quick, children, cover your eyes!” said distressed mother Brenda Butler from her home in Salem, Oregon. “That looks a lot like the outside world to me! Turn it off, Earl! Turn it off!”

After the incident the Butler family sat down with their concerned children and explained what happened.

“I know those images of the outside world upset you, children,” said Mr. Butler, “but, always remember your mommy and daddy are here to protect you from anything that isn’t American. Okay, honey? Are you okay? Listen, you can snuggle up and sleep in our bed tonight with us if you’d like.”

The Butlers were not the only ones who were shocked at the foreign imagery. CNN staff were in a frenzy trying to figure how in the world that alarming footage of something happening in another country got onto the air.

“Well, I don’t know what the hell that was,” said confused anchor Erin Burnett. “Please, folks, forget you saw anything. Now let’s get back to our nauseating dissection of highly important matters right here in the good old U.S. of A.”

The FCC is fining CNN more than $8 million for “broadcasting images of non-Americans during primetime.”

“We’re monitoring the situation very closely,” said an FCC representative. “We can’t have pure and innocent Americans learning about the goings on in other nations. That’s just not right. As we’ve always said: there’s a whole wide world out there, people, be afraid, be very afraid.”

(photo credit: Chris319/CC)

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